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Terms & Conditions


Welcome to PHONIZI the first eCommerce platform to accept cryptocurrencies, the terms and conditions apply to the use of the site, and all of its divisions. Always check the terms and condition for any updates.

Our terms and conditions are follows:
- You must be 18yrs and above to access this site.
- you must be responsible for the security and protection of your account.
- you are advised to use a strong password.
- by signing up on our site, you have agreed to permit us to send our mails and subsequent updates to you.
- by accepting this terms and condition means you have also accepted our return policy, delivery/shipment and other conditions as the need arises.
- we have the right to terminate or disable your account without prior notice if found wanting or misuse or abuse of the site.
- you also agree that the prices of the items listed are not negotiable but can be review either upward or downward as the need arises.
- you also agree that delays may arise in the cause of delivery your items since most of the products are sourced from overseas, due to this you will bear with us for the delays but must make sure everything is sorted out quickly.
- we do not give warranty on all the items listed on our platform, rather most items or every item has its international warranty borne by the manufacturers.

If you agree to these terms and conditions click on the agree button and proceed to sign up page. Otherwise hang up.